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The park is among the major attractions with a variety of Flora and Fauna and it’s acknowledged to be a habitat for over 95 mammal species with about 612 species of birds. The various species in this park, has made it a unique park most liked by tourists. The grasslands of the park settles wildlife such as Cape buffalo, Uganda kob, waterbuck, warthlog, lion, leopard, hyena, giant forest hog as well as elephants. Topis can only be discovered in Ishasha and forest primate found in Kyambura gorge in addition to Maramagambo forest.

While at Elephant Hab Lodge, take a glare across the vastness of Queen Elizabeth National Park and catch the ranges of Mt. Rwenzori, commonly known as Mountains of The Moon, jut up the skies. Look at the sparkling snow silhouetted in a haze. The mountain ranges stretch up to 120 kilometre, elevating to 5,109 metres at its peak, making it the tallest mountain in Africa.

The Uganda’s Equator provides a beautiful place for photo shooting along with craft shops that can make you buy a souvenir .The Queen’s Pavilion is easily spotted by the northern entrance to the Crater Drive. In 1954 Queen Elizabeth gave a provision shelter for this site until in 1959 when a permanent pavilion was constructed for the visit of Queen Elizabeth. Renovations were made by second visit of Duke of Edinburgh in 2007 with better facilities such as coffee shop and internet facilities.

The Kyambura area boosts of rich attractions you won’t find anywhere in the world. From rivers like River Kyambura that snakes through the gorge to famous Kazinga Channel that connects Lake Edward and Lake George.

In the same region, take a visit to over 50 crater lakes in the Bunyaruguru area. Listen to the guide as he breaks down the crater lakes’ mystical stories. Twin crater lakes that include; Katinda and Mirambi, Kyema and Kamweru.